Growing Revenue and Leads for Mobile Agencies
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We Have Experience Growing Revenue for Services Agencies

Growth Engine Design / Services Portfolio Transformation / Sales Funnel Analysis /
Revenue Innovation / Lead Channel Growth / Enterprise & Mid Cap Targeting

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Enterprise Pivot Unlocks Revenue Growth

Bricolage partnered with Touchlab to audit their mobile practice, develop an enterprise-grade suite of services centered around its differentiation and implement a sales & marketing strategy to book meetings with enterprise buyers.

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Feast or Famine

Does your service business suffer from LUMPY revenue? Is unpredictable cash flow delaying your plans to scale? At Bricolage, we design growth engines that increase leads and predictable revenue to help with capital budgeting, headcount planning and cost management.


Differentiate or Die

A successful service business requires a unique value proposition. Without one, it's a commodity vendor and there will always be someone willing to do the job cheaper.

Bricolage begins its process of growing revenue for service businesses by auditing the market's needs against our clients' services. We transform or reposition service portfolios to better enable our clients to differentiate against the competitiion and close business.

Our Services

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Growth Engine Design
Your business is poised for growth but revenue isn't steady, overhead is growing and the leads don't flow like they used to. Classic symptoms of a business lacking a Growth Engine. Bricolage's approach to Growth Engine Design establishes a repeatable process for growth with known and proven levers. 


Growth Engine Execution
Bricolage is a company you date, not marry. Our Growth Engine Designs are meant to executed by a company's internal team, but if those resources are not in place, Bricolage can execute on our Growth Engine Designs. We can manage the entire spectrum of growth with our internal team and vetted network of specialists. 


Business Model Innovation
Preserving and diversifying a service business' revenue is often the catalyst for true business model innovation. At Bricolage, we partner with business executives and change management leads to dissect a business from the inside-out and develop modular action plans (sprints) to achieve long-lasting results.

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