Accelerate Revenue in 3 Months

Bricolage has 90-day process that helps professional services companies identify their greatest strengths, formulate a messaging strategy and execute a repeatable lead generation program.

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    Day 1 - 14

    Becoming experts in your business

    We dig deep to understand every aspect of your business performance, including your customer base, financials, sales pipeline, and sales history. And we look into your company, examining your service and product offerings, intellectual property,personnel, current market position, competition and market opportunities. Finally, we explore your marketing performance, including branding, customer demand generation and acquisition, database, website, SEO, content assets, social media, live events, public relations, trade news media, and third-party reviews.

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    Growth Engine Design

    Day 14 - 21

    Getting scientific about your leads and revenue

    We devise a financial model that enables you to plan and measure growth. We start by determining how much you want the business to grow, and within which timeframe. We calculate the number of unqualified leads required per day, week, month and quarter to meet those growth goals. From there, we devise a comprehensive digital media strategy that establishes engagement, response and conversion benchmarks and analytics.

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    Strategic Recommendations & Execution

    Day 22 - 90

    Driving your business towards results

    Once we’ve built the growth engine, we recommend a number of communications tactics. These span content marketing topics, website architecture and messaging, case studies, social media, lead nurture and outbound email, webinars, physical events, and more.

An award winning team

We transform and reposition services portfolios to bolster our client’s differentiation and close business.


Proven across professional services landscape.

At Bricolage, we design growth engines that increase leads and predictable revenue to help with capital budgeting, headcount planning and cost management.


Jeff Namnum


Bricolage delivers on customer and revenue discovery. They provided the strategy and execution to reach our target audience. We're in an excellent position to take their work and grow our business for the next years. Erik and Bricolage are smart and pragmatic marketers that can help move the needle.

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